Tuesday, July 12, 2016


It is not just a difference of culture here in the west or in particular Germany where I live at the moment. It is also difference of quality, quality in every aspect in personal life or professional deal in place of work, is the most highlighted attraction for an easterner like me.

P.H.D Ismaeel Akbar being interviewed on human rights
When my escort Mr. Kr├╝ckeberg to FFH main Radio Station, opened the main entrance with a micro-electronics key, my mind turned to 10 years back for a second and remembered the main entrance of Rahe Farda RTV where all the staffs were body checked by an armed man.

My visit at FFH and walking into each functioning section of it, I met high quality management and ambitious link between employees and their responsibility. I stepped into a wide multi-functioning office which in fact placed a large number of work desks as smaller offices.

Attending as guest in staff meeting which a lady was directing it (broadcast managing) also seemed so interesting to me. Meeting carried on with sharing everyone’s idea that generates more interest and is counted as the corner stone of team work in any organization.

Well, I and Sigi continued walking up and down into all section and he was explaining each section’s task to me like I was much more impressed at every passing moment. Impressed of work classification which improves quality at any field, impressed of equipments which make process go fast and easy, impressed of decor and design which creates passion in personnel for a better work.

Anyway, it will go too long if I talk every point in my mind about it. At the end there were 3 sections more attractive for me and I believe if any media center like FFH does not have it, will not be successful enough in nowadays competition market.

Those 3 sections are printing media advertising, website and social media publication and life visit with listeners, figures and welcome them in the station to discuss broadcasting programs and get their ideas to enrich quality of frame work.

But, if I intend to compare all the elements with radio and TV stations in Afghanistan, It will not be so fare. Because, private media is still too young, investment is very short on media, free publications that walk in the minds of listeners or audience are clashed with many cultural, religious and political limitations and finally Afghanistan as country in war is lacking immeasurable professional and well experienced human resources in this field. of course shortage of techniques and accessing skill to them is also part the problem.